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Hello Fellow Gamers!

I am LaroTayoGaming, but you can call me LTG. I am a writer, dormant content creator and streamer, and a blogger just like this website. I post random shizz and news every single day.

I also ran "The Fellow Gamer Podcast" which we'll talk about the latest topics in gaming, here in the Philippines and the whole world in pure taglish. And I want to publish e-books in the future if ever. Future LTG is on the way, folks.

My Info:

Name: Florence Jay Munar
Birthday: July 16, XXXX
Gender: Male
Nationality: Filipino
Language Proficiency: English, Filipino

Social Media Links:

Early LTG days

LaroTayoGaming's name starts when I'm on highschool. Literally on like 2nd year or 3rd year days I've finally come up with a concept of doing just "Laro Tayo" as a YouTube Channel. But I've thought that I have a duplicate channel already, so I've come up with LaroTayoGaming.

I know it means "Let's Play Gaming" in english, but it is a unique name and a unique branding of my channel in my opinion.

I've started posting on my channel since the STI Talent Search of 2017, which is 3 years old. And I post some Doki Doki Literature Club, because it is a great story, and I finished it on my fricking livestream. I will revisit DDLC soon, and recorded, so just stick to that.

Why you can't post anything now?

Due to limitations, specially I'm recording on mobile, I cannot create content, specially for pc because I don't have or I don't afford a pc because it's like PHP30,000 to buy a budget one for multitasking purposes. And if I'm the one who are worthy of that pc, I will handle it with such care.

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